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So I have decided that this year for halloween I am going to be Ticci-Toby :D I'm gonna post pics! And I wanna know what you all will be :)
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FNAF Gift for my roomate by Sosodei101
FNAF Gift for my roomate
This pic was made for my awesome roomate that had to leave due to some family shit! She hates FNAF because she hates jumpscares! I would constintly tell her about it and bring it up just to annoy her lol so this was made as her going away gift! Enjoy dA!!!
One in the same... by Sosodei101
One in the same...
Ok so As you all may or may not know, I am in love with Canada from Hetalia....The reason however is a bit....sad....He is continually portrayed as a pathetic invisible helpless outcast. I connect with this.....I was constantly ignored, and when I wasn't, I was bullied and hurt.....and all in all... broken. I have depression, and a lot of other shit. Yesterday I got in a argument with my Finance, and he yelled at me how I need to realize that even if my life is shit...I need to help myself, and together we can fix me....I drew this afterwards because....I was feeling....creative I guess..... so yeah......
HELP MEEEEEE!!!! Ok so my fiancee has found out just how obsessed I am with Foxy from five nights at freddy's and he can make the fucking Pirates voice!!!!!! He's using it against me!!!!!!!!! He uses it for very erm......perverse things ^////^ I can't say nooooo to something so um....intriguing......HALP! *blushes* It's embarrassing!!!! Oh and on a different note, I am addicted to Lemon and Honey flavored cough month has been wonderfully terrible...
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Alone in the dead of night, a young princess lay next to a worm infested corpse, sobbing quietly. "Princess Luna? Are you Alright?" What was that...? Was someone calling her? Soon, two guards wearing the celestial armor emerged from the shadows immediately coming to a halt when they saw the princess of the night crying next to a corpse bearing her royal markings. "W-What happened here Princess Luna!?" One of the guards shouted as the other leaned against a nearby wall, throwing up everything he had eaten earlier that day.

"A-Are you safe Princess?" The same one asked rushing over to aid the star manned pony off the ground. Luna said nothing, only trembling in fear as the kind hearted guard picked her up flying her to safety as the now faint guard stayed to clean up the remains of what used to be a pony. Soon the guard arrived with Princess Luna, taking her into the throne room where her elder sister sat awaiting their arrival. The guard gently placed the younger down and rushed over to the sun princess explaining what him and his fellow guard had witnessed. The emotions of both shock and pure anger were clearly shown on the elders face as the information flowed from the guards mouth.

"...Leave us." Celestia snapped to the nervous colt who simply nodded and rushed out of the room. "What happened sister? Why was one of your guards killed? What did you do to him?" The elder questioned stepping off her throne and towards her younger sister. The traumatized mare stood quietly for a few moments, trying to recollect her thoughts. "W-We...were at the doughnut shop...We saw two ponies new...then we went to our guard to go home...the strange ponies arrived...and killed him...They said we abandoned them...and that they were my children of-" Luna was silenced when her sister's hoof made contact with the side of her face in an audible slap that echoed through the empty room. "AND YET YOU DID NOT KILL THEM!? YOU SET THEM FREE AFTER THEY KILLED THE GUARD THAT WAS MENT TO PROTECT YOU!?" The white mare shouted and her sisters deep blue eyes widened, tears streaming down the reddening mark on her cheek.

Luna sobbed gently, "W-We did not mean to sister, we panicked! We-" The angry Princess scoffed at the quivering mess that was her beloved sister, "You are nothing but an incompetent little foal! Why would you believe anything those monsters had to say after they brutally murdered that guard? You would obviously remember if you had children, so they have lied to you!" The pink eyed princess glared at her sister walking in circles around the pathetic mare who simply stood there, still holding a hoof to her bruised skin.

"S-Sister...Please, you must believe us when we say that they were no ordinary ponies...something was very familiar about them though we do not remember them...Please do not be angry at us for being frightened..." Luna pleaded, not daring to make eye contact with her elder. "They are nothing. I could have handled this problem. What would you even know, it's not like you had a chance of even saving them-" Princess Luna's eyes shot up to her as Celestia cleared her throat. "W-What do you mean Tia-" "Nothing. We are not going to discuss this any further. Now go get ready for bed," And with that, the Princess of the Sun left the throne room, leaving Luna alone with her thoughts.

As the princess of the night sobbed in her bedroom, her elder sister raised her glorious sun. The white mare sighed as she sat, contemplating what to do with her useless sister. Thoughts of years passed came to mind, those two sickening little brats that tried to fool her sister, having to strip those horrid thoughts from the younger sisters feeble mind.

"Hm...what to do..." She thought aloud slowly getting up from her throne, and making her way to her writing room, pulling out a scroll and plume. 'Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle...' A smirk grew across her face, making her features appear dark and twisted. Princess Celestia chuckled as she wrote an urgent letter to her most faithful student...Twilight Sparkle of Ponyville.


Twilight yawned as she stretched, slipping out of bed with a smile as she made her way down the hall passed her assistant, Spike's, room. The purple mare stopped as she heard an audible belch come from the small dragon's bedroom. "Twilight..." Spike groaned as he crawled out of bed and stumbled to his door. A small smile formed on the ponies lips as her dragons claw slipped out of the door with a letter. "Thanks Spike, go back to bed ok?" The princess said taking the letter with her magic, and heading down stairs to get some cereal.

She sat down with the bowl of oats and unraveled the scroll, spooning some of the food into her mouth. "Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle," She read, smiling a bit as she ate another bite of her breakfast. "Your friend Fluttershy is still close friends with Discord, yes? If so, I must speak to him urgently. From Princess Celestia..." Twilight frowned as she hurriedly finished her meal and rushed to her shy yellow friends house knocking gently on the door. The door slowly opened and two worried blue eyes peeked out. "H-Hello?" A timid voice squeaked out as the eyes scanned over the purple unicorn.

As soon as the pegasus recognized her, the door sprung wide open. "Oh, hello Twilight...what did you need?" She asked allowing entry to her guest. "Um...I know this is strange to ask, but is Discord here? Princess Celestia wanted to see him right-" The purple pony was cut off when the draconequus in question appeared in between the two ponies. He smirked, "Celestia wants to see me~?" He asked snapping in his fingers appearing once more in a black suit, pulling a bouquet of roses out of his sleeve, "How interesting~," he chuckled as Twilight glared slightly in annoyance. "Just go already..." she said pushing him out the door.

Discord smirked, "But of course~! I wouldn't want to keep my princess waiting~!" With that, Discord poofed into a cloud of smoke, and appeared in the throne room of the Cantorlot castle. Celestia stared at the draconequus unamused as she slowly made her way over to him. "You needed to see me my sweet~?" Discord grinned at the Princess who now stood inches away from the God of Chaos. "Cut the act Discord. We have an important matter to discuses," The solar princess snapped as the visitor frowned, dropping the flowers as they wilted and dried. "We need to speak of the day my sister was banished," Celestia's eyes glowed dark as she spoke the last words of her sentence.


Sweetie Belle smiled as she finished the final stitching's on her dress. This was it, this was the one that was going to make her sister finally proud. The young mare squealed as she stared down at the elaborate patterns in the fabric...the fabric...where did she get it...? Rarity didn't have anything like this in her Boutique, the white pony was positive of that. What kind of fabric was this? The mare stared intently at the pinkish colored fur....fur? Was this fur...?

Sweetie shrugged and stretched, as long as Rarity was happy, then so was she. A knock at the door startled the cutie mark crusader as she glanced over. "Sweetie~?" It was Rarity! The pink and purple manned pony smiled widely as she listened to her elders sing song voice through the door. "Have you finished your newest dress darling~?" She questioned, a rather dark tone dwelling in the dress makers voice. "I hope that little brat didn't give you too much trouble, after all, she should be proud that you chose her of all your class mates to be part of something so wonderful. Besides, I wouldn't want my dear sweet sister to have any bruises..." Sweetie Belle looked very confused, a pinch of fear eating at her consciousness.

"R-Rarity? What are you talking about...?" The younger timidly got up gulping slightly. She slowly made her way to the door, feeling herself tremble as anxiousness crawled through her skin. Sweetie Belle slowly went over opening the door, gasping slightly as she saw Rarity...or...what she guessed was Rarity...Her sister was grinning maniacally, her mane tattered, with matts of blood tangled into her once beautiful curls. The younger whimpered as she glanced at her sisters left eye...scars slashed across it, making the iris discolored and rather disturbing.

"R-Rarity...? What happened...?" The younger mare stuttered out biting her lower lip as her elders smile grew wider. "What do you mean darling~? Nothing happened~ I just wanted to see how your dresses are doing~ Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dispose of Diamond Tiara's body, just like the other three lovely dress materials you didn't need," Rarity laughed darkly dragging a blood soaked bag behind her. The younger sister stood there in complete shock...She glanced at where the pony of Generosity was mere seconds ago, and in her place were three mannequins, each with a dress that looked similar to the one Sweetie had made before Rarity came.

The one on the farthest left was of an orange color...with purple cross stitching's embedded into it..."S-Scoota....Scootaloo...." The pony questioned, tears filling her light gray eyes. She glanced and the one in the middle, sobbing quietly as she did so. A yellow summer dress with red hearts stitched into it, a pink sash that slipped around the waist into an all to familiar bow. "A-....Apple Bloom....No....NO!!!" She sobbed frantically as she fell to her knees in anguish.

"Why....?" She questioned herself, her heart beating rapidly. "Now, now little Filly....They were so happy to help," A soothing voice whispered in her ear, causing the young girl to look up worriedly. The fillies eyes scanned the dimly lit room as they settled on the last dress...A deep purple coat....and black stitching...that made a symbol of a large raven. "H-Hello...?" The child questioned, her voice cracking from the tears that had fallen down her checks.

Suddenly the mannequin moved, it's face forming a crooked smile, sharp fangs protruding from it. The young ponies mouth opened to scream, but nothing came from her vocal chords. The mannequin smirked and grabbed the pole that held it in place, slowly lifting itself up off of the metal with a sickening sound of real flesh moving around the impaling object. Blood oozed from the gapping hole in the objects diaphragm and Sweetie Belle sobbed, wrenching painfully at the disgusting sight. "Scootaloo and Apple Bloom did you such a wonderful favor Sweetie~" The mannequins voice purred and it stumbled towards her on shaky hooves.

"The didn't scream or cry, they just laid there as you skinned them to make such wonderful things for your sister~" It cackled and the swirl manned pony gaged at the putrid smell from the demonic...thing..."N-No please....stop!" The young pony begged, she didn't want this...she didn't want to believe that she had done such a terrible thing to those so close to her. "Oh, don't worry kiddo, Rarity won't rat you out. She loves your dresses, she loves you, and so do your friends~! They all want to help your dream dear Sweetie Belle," The mannequin smirked and inched closer. "I-I don't want to do this..." The younger cried out holding herself as she rocked back and forth. The mannequin's frame grew twisted chunks of flesh fell from it, as it sat next the pathetic mess of a mare.

"Oh but dear, look, this helped you get the two things you wanted most in life...Your sisters affection...and your cutie mark..."


"NO! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!" Sweetie Belle screamed, jolting up in bed sobbing frantically. The filly looked around nervously. She was back in reality...that thing had gone...and everything was ok...The door opening made the light grey eyed pony scream as she hid under her covers. "Sweetie Belle?" The younger trembled as she heard her elder sisters hoofsteps approaching her bed.

Her eyes shut tightly as the covers were gently taken off of her. "Sweetie Belle, it's me darling. Did you have a nightmare?" The soothing voice of her sister made the filly look up. It was was really her sister. Sweetie Belle sobbed frantically jumping up and hugging the violet manned pony tightly. "Y-Yes sis...I had a really bad dream..." She cried out as her sister gently hugged her back.

"I'm sorry dear...Why don't you get some more rest, alright?" The elder asked gently getting up starting to leave. "But...isn't today Monday Rarity...? Shouldn't I start getting ready for school...?" The filly questioned tilting her head slightly as her elder paused at the door frame. "Sweetie..." Rarity turned on her heels and looked worriedly at her younger sister. "School has been...canceled for a while...Your teacher...Ms. Cheerlie a coma..."


Raven Esquivel
United States
(Stay strong Kiku-san! *huggles* :iconkikuplz:)
OK!!!!I iz A HUGE yaoi addict!!If you wish to read one of my smutty yaoi fanfics but are not 18 then ask and I'll let you!!!!!!I <3 Anime and H8 ppl who talk s**t about it!!!I iz a pretty decent drawer and am a good writer!I dont liky math and love reading and MUSIC!!!!!My modo is MUSIC IS ART.....AND ART IS A BANG...X3!

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So I have decided that this year for halloween I am going to be Ticci-Toby :D I'm gonna post pics! And I wanna know what you all will be :)
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